Cheer Force Special Team – 幫緊你應援團

Littles Volleyball Games in Summer – 力圖打排球

Children Song Summerfest – 兒歌金曲SUMMERFEST

Sweet Grandpa – 甜爺爺

Family Feud – 思家大戰

Music War Hall – 演鬥聽

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha – 갯마을 차차차 (English subtitles)

Stars Academy First Live On Stage – 聲夢傳奇

Please Mind The Gap – 代溝關注組

Talker – What Love You Say – 晚吹 – 戀講嘢

Cook War – 煮戰

Stand Up With Tons Of Love (Sr.3) – 2021用愛站起來

We Miss Hong Kong 香港小姐競選準決賽

No Poverty Land – 無窮之路

Master Seven – 七救星

Joyful Retirement – 退而不休

King of Live – 直播王

We Miss Hong Kong 冠冕繼承者

We Sports! – 海陸勁技場

A-live – AH佛真‧惜玩

We Miss Hong Kong STAY-cation晉級賽

So Positive – 積極到爆

Countdown To Olympic Dames Tokyo 2020 – 全城迎奧運

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – 2020東京奧運開幕典禮

Love with the Gap – 阿女又戀嚟

Caritas Star Studded Charity Show – 明愛暖萬心 2021

Nano life without fire – 納米無明火

Acting for Life – 生存演技派

Dance For Life – 盛.舞者

An Athlete Team – 運動有團伙

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